The sur­prise has been huge

Sánchez Loves Gómez… And Threatens To Resign On The Day A Judicial Investigation Into His Wife’s Shady Business Dealings Is Opened

Pedro y Begoña Sánchez.
Pedro y Begoña Sánchez.

Wesneday mor­ning, a judge opened an in­ves­ti­ga­tion into the shady bu­si­ness dea­lings of Begoña Gómez, the wife of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, which we have al­ready re­ported on in The Corner: “Something fishy in La Moncloa: Pedro Sánchez’s wife re­com­mended two com­pa­nies in a pu­blic tender for a €7-million con­tract”

And in the afternoon, in a letter posted on his social networks, the president of the government announced that he was “deeply in love with his wife” and that he would take five days of reflection to decide whether it was worth continuing in the face of the harassment from the right that has brought the case to court. Monday will tell us.

The surprise has been huge, in Spain and abroad, but no one is under any illusions: the Prime Minister is the author of a book whose title makes his character clear: “Manual de resistencia” (Resistance Manual). And he has been able to buy with an ad hoc amnesty the 7 votes of the fugitive Puigdemont to stay in the Government, crossing all the red lines that he himself had set… So no one believes that he will finally resign on Monday. Hence the headlines on the front pages of the Spanish press today:

El Mundo: A weak president gives a sentimental pulse to society ABC: Sánchez manipulates the country

La Razón: Victimism and calculated half-truths. The spectacle only encourages and increases suspicions of irregularities in his wife’s consultancy business.

El Periódico: In any case, irresponsibility. This is not the time to add more instability, whatever the reason behind Sánchez’s deferred resignation.

El Correo: Victimistic retreat. Whatever Sánchez’s decision, the legislature will be even more unstable after a partisan acrimony to which he is no stranger.

El Español: Sánchez irresponsibly overreacts to an inconsequential judicial act. Pedro Sánchez’s vaudeville-letter: between blackmail and polarisation.

Libertad Digital: The Begoña Gómez case and cynicism a la carte. El Confidencial: The childish ordago of the narcissist. Sánchez threatens to leave in order to stay, taking to the extreme an exercise of victimhood with which he intends to agglutinate the plebiscitary fervour of his supporters.

Of course, the government newspaper El País takes a different approach: El límite de Sánchez. The president of the government is considering resigning because of the harassment of his wife by the right wing, which has managed to bring the case to court.

Sánchez ama a Gomez… y amaga con dimitir el día que se abre una investigación judicial sobre los turbios negocios de su mujer)

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