Will Hold Elections On 12 May

Sánchez Renounces 2024 Budget After Early Elections Called In Catalonia

Aragones y Sánchez.
Aragones y Sánchez.

The weak­ness of the Catalan go­vern­ment, with ERC in a mi­no­rity, has led to a new early elec­tion in the au­to­no­mous com­mu­nity, set yes­terday for May 12 by the pre­si­dent of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, after the Parliament re­jected the draft budget of the Generalitat for 2024.

The new date with the polls will be marked by the aftermath of the procés, as Junts will try to ensure that its candidate can be Carles Puigdemont, despite the fact that his return to Spain is conditioned by the application of the amnesty law. According to the party’s secretary general, Jordi Turull: “He could be here for the investiture debate”.

Faced with the news of the call for elections in Catalonia, the head of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez, has decided not to draw up the draft budget for 2024.

Sánchez understands that it does not make sense to sit down to negotiate the accounts in the run-up to an election campaign in which the PSC will compete with ERC and Junts for the presidency of the Government. In this way, the government considers the budgets approved last year to have been extended -definitively- and will begin to work on outlining those for 2025, on which the Eurogroup has already requested adjustments with the aim of guaranteeing compliance with European rules.

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