Received €5.521 bi­llion en 2022

Spain, Second Largest Recipient Of EU Farm Funds


Spain re­ceived €5.521 bi­llion in 2022, com­pared to €7.512 bi­llion for France. It was the se­cond be­ne­fi­ciary of the EAGF (European Agricultural Guarantee Fund) agri­cul­tural budget in 2022 with €5.521 bi­llion, an amount slightly higher than the pre­vious year (€5.498 bi­llion).

France was ahead, as usual, with €7,512 billion, according to data published by the European Commission and reported by Cesar Lumbreras in the newspaper La Razón.

If total EU spending is considered, Spain became the fourth largest recipient of funds from the EU budget with €14,248 million, compared to €16,190 million in 2021, behind Poland, France and Italy. This does not include money from the Recovery Fund, which was distributed in 2022 for the second time.

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