Waste re­co­very plant of Sologas

Naturgy To Give Boost To Decarbonisation With Acquisition Of BioGNL Production


Link Securities| Naturgy (NTGY) will give a strong boost to the de­car­bo­ni­sa­tion of the road and ma­ri­time trans­port sector by ac­qui­ring BioGNL pro­duc­tion from the fu­ture Sologas plant in As Somozas (La Coruña).

The first long-term purchase contract for renewable gas in liquid form is for 25 GWh per year, which is the production capacity of the waste recovery plant that Sologas has planned for its As Somozas site, and which is expected to start operating at the end of this year. ADDSynergy, of the Pietro Fiorentini Group, will implement the process for obtaining BioGNL and liquid CO2 to capture carbon and increase the quality of the biofuel.

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