Giving the ma­yo­ralty to the so­cia­list can­di­date

PP Hands PSOE Barcelona Mayoralty: “The Trenches And Blocs Are Over” Says Nuñez Feijóo

Alberto Nuñez Feijóo, PP.
Alberto Nuñez Feijóo, PP.

Alberto Núñez Feijóo dis­played his te­rri­to­rial power Sunday, in the Retiro Park in Madrid, when he was ac­com­pa­nied by all the ba­rons of his party, those who go­vern and those who will do so in a few days, as an example of what can happen on 23 July, in a ge­neral elec­tion.

And Núñez Feijóo dedicated the event to defending the agreements reached by the PP to govern in local councils and autonomous communities. Those obtained with Vox, but also those obtained with the PSOE to allow the Socialists -and not Bildu- to govern in the capital of the Basque Country, Vitoria, and to allow Collboni to govern as mayor of Barcelona.

Agreements that he attributed to “a state policy”, which is what the PP applies, and a determination in its objective: “No more trenches, no more blocs and no more gangs”. This is what the PP believes it has achieved by giving its votes to the Socialists to govern in Vitoria and Barcelona, demonstrating that if the others want to, they have the capacity to agree with everyone.

They say that they are not going to accept “moralising” from “those who have made Spain hostage to those who want to break territorial unity”, and even more so after the fact that while the PP gave its vote to the PSOE mayors so that the pro-independence party would not govern, the PSOE gave the mayor’s office in Santiago de Compostela – where the PP had won – “to a pro-sovereignty party”, the BNG.

According to Feijóo, what the PP did yesterday in Barcelona, by giving the mayoralty to the socialist candidate, means “that we have done our duty”. “It has been a state policy”, although he is convinced that “the party of Sanchismo would never have supported us to give us the mayoralty of Barcelona, in the same situation”.

For Muñez Feijóo, the PP has been able to “begin to break up the blocs”, because he does not believe in bloc politics and that is why he aspires “to a majority to break it up”. A majority to “renew the spirit of concord” and return Spain to “an atmosphere of truth and plurality in the country”.

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