Between August 2022 And March 2023

Spain Among Six EU Countries Failing To Reduce Gas Consumption Target By 15%

Gas Natural en España.
Natural Gas in Spain.

Alphavalue / Divacons | According to Eurostat, Spain re­corded the third worst re­cord in the European Union des­pite ha­ving re­duced its gas con­sum­ption by 10.8% bet­ween August 2022 and March 2023 and is among the six coun­tries that have failed to achieve the 15% tar­get, alt­hough EU con­sum­ption has fa­llen by 17.7% com­pared to the ave­rage August-March fi­gures bet­ween 2017-2022.

Data released on Wednesday by the EU statistics office Eurostat show that most EU countries achieved the 15% target, with the exception of Slovakia (1.0%), Spain (10.8%), Poland (12.5%), Slovenia (13.8%), Belgium (14.5%) and Malta – the EU’s smallest gas consumer – which saw a 12.7% increase between August 2022 and March 2023.

In contrast, the countries where natural gas consumption fell the most were Finland (55.7%), Lithuania (40.5%) and Sweden (37.2%), while in the rest of the EU countries it fell beyond the 15% target, in some cases by more than 20%, as in the case of Estonia, Latvia, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Denmark, among others.

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