This in­di­cates an eco­nomy in con­trac­tion

Incomes In Spain The Lowest In Europe Since 2019: Down From €25,180 To €23,450

Madrid, Spain.
Madrid, Spain.

Spaniards are fa­lling behind the stan­dard of li­ving of the rest of the European eco­no­mies: they have lost the most wealth per person – €1,700- since 2019, ac­cor­ding to data avai­lable until 2021, and al­ready oc­cupy the 18th place in the con­ti­nental stan­dard of li­ving ran­king. If in 2018 Spain stood at 91.2% of the EU ave­rage gross na­tional in­come per ca­pita, by in 2021 this had dropped to 83.4%.

Thus, the loss between 2019 and 2021 – with data updated in December by the European statistical office, Eurostat – means that real GDP will fall from €25,180 in 2019, the year prior to the pandemic and the first full year of the Sánchez era, to €23,450. This indicates an economy in contraction, as just over five years ago, in 2017, it had reached €24,430.

Since 2019, the Eurozone as a whole has lost, on average, just over €400 per capita. A loss similar to that of Germany, while the Italians have lost just over €500 per capita and the French just over €700. Alongside them and in stark contrast is the case of Ireland, since in the island country there has been a spectacular increase from €53,400 per capita in 2017 to €70,530 in 2021.

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