Now has more than 5% in Spain’s three main banks

BlackRock Stake In CaixaBank Exceeds 5% For First Time


BlackRock raises its stake in CaixaBank and in­creases its stake in the bank’s ca­pital from 3.2% to 5.01%, ac­cor­ding to the re­cords of the Spanish National Securities Market Commission (CNMV). In to­tal, the fund ma­nager holds 376.3 mi­llion shares va­lued at 1.5 bi­llion. CaixaBank closed Monday at €3.8 per share.

BlackRock, which was already Caixabank’s largest private shareholder, behind only CriteriaCaixa and the state, bought 117.6 million shares on Friday 13 January, but it was only yesterday that the deal was announced after it was registered with the CNMV.

With this move, BlackRock now has more than 5% in Spain’s three main banks and is 0.4% away from doing so in Banco Sabadell. It holds 5.42% in Banco Santander and 5.91% in BBVA. In total, the fund has around EUR 6,850 million invested in the Ibex 35 banks. It is distributed as follows: in CaixaBank (1,500 million); in Santander (2,818 million); in BBVA (2,275 million) and in Sabadell (251 million).

BlackRock is one of the most important investors in the Ibex 35. It holds 6% of ACS, 5.9% of BBVA, 5.4% of Repsol, 5.4% of Santander, 5.3% of Iberdrola, 5.2% of Amadeus, 5% of Cellnex, 5% of Caixabank, Merlin Properties and Enagás, 4.9% of Telefónica, 4.7% of Fluidra, 4.6% of Banc Sabadell, 4.5% of Solaria, 3.9% of Grifols, and Colonial, 3.1% of Ferovial and Redeia, and 3% of AENA and Acciona.

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