The fall in unem­ploy­ment in June was al­most four times lower

Spain: Unemployment Falls By 42,409 In June

Employment office.
Employment office.

The number of unem­ployed re­gis­tered in the of­fices of the pu­blic em­ploy­ment ser­vices (formerly Inem) fell by 42,409 in June (-1.4%). This brings the total number of unem­ployed below 2.9 mi­llion for the first time since au­tumn 2008. Specifically, June closed with 2,880,582 unem­plo­yed, its lo­west fi­gure since October 2008, at the be­gin­ning of the fi­nan­cial cri­sis, ac­cor­ding to data pu­blished Monday by the Ministry of Labour and Social Economy.

Despite this, the fall in unemployment in June was almost four times lower than in the same month of 2021, when it fell by 166,911 unemployed, its largest fall in any month in the entire historical series.

With the exception of June 2020, when Covid caused a spike in unemployment of 5,107 people, this year’s June figure is the worst since 2008, when it rose by almost 37,000. In seasonally adjusted terms, registered unemployment rose in June by 3,720 people.

In the last year, unemployment accumulated a decrease of 733,757 unemployed, which is 20.3% less, with a decline in female unemployment of 334,962 women (-22.4%) and a fall in male unemployment of 398,795 men (-18.8%).

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