Inflation and the im­pact of the energy price hike is a major issue

“The Government Gets Rich”, Feijóo Gets Down In The Mud

Alberto Nuñez Feijóo, PP president.
Alberto Nuñez Feijóo, PP president.

Fernando González Urbaneja | From Núñez Feijóo we ex­pect se­rious­ness, con­sis­tency, ex­pe­rience… he him­self has reite­rated this is what can be ex­pected of him at this stage of his po­li­tical ca­reer. He is not lac­king in evi­dence and reasons, alt­hough na­tional po­li­tics, that which is ca­lled Madrid, has its han­dicap for those of us who come from outside.

For those in the PP, Feijóo’s direct attack on Sánchez, with the taxation of fuel and electricity as an argument, has gone down very well. Poking the bear as it were. But from the new leader at the door, or on the eve of the elections, one would expect a higher level, more consistency than this rally comment with a tough headline: “The government is getting rich…”. Feijóo has made it easy for the government and the PSOE with this title which is sure to make the headlines because it is striking and exaggerated.

What does it mean to get rich? Which government is getting rich? Inflation and the impact of the energy price hike is a major issue, one of the most important for Spaniards today, if not the most important. Precisely because of its relevance, a finer and more consistent analysis is to be expected from the new head of the opposition. He gained position by demanding an urgent fiscal response that the government has already taken on board, albeit by dragging its feet.

Feijóo could have made concrete proposals and offered the government approval for the necessary decrees as a matter of urgency. Some aspects have to be submitted to Brussels for consultation, which gains impetus if it has broad parliamentary support. Feijóo’s broad brush, instead of spurring the government to act, could lead to Sánchez playing an exclusive role in the urgent measures to reduce the cost of electricity and fuel.

The PP and Feijóo lose the opportunity to show initiative and capacity to govern. The broad brush approach is good for populists, for the perpetual opposition, but not for those who know the complexity of the decisions. Feijóo’s assets are seriousness, consistency, experience, knowledge of the issues. The comment on the government that is making money is extemporaneous, noisy and sterile; it is lost in the mud and not in the consensus of the state.

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