Ahead Of Algeria

The US Became In February The Main Exporter Of Natural Gas To Spain

Natural Gas.
Natural Gas.

The United States has con­so­li­dated its po­si­tion in February this year as the main ex­porter of na­tural gas to Spain. And for the se­cond month in a row, pur­chases of this raw ma­te­rial from the US country have ex­ceeded those from Algeria, the main sup­plier until the end of last year.

This is revealed in the statistical bulletin of Enagás, the Spanish gas system operator. It flags that in February 2022 Spain bought 12,472 GWh of natural gas from the United States, compared to 8,801 from Algeria.

Thus, the weight of natural gas of U.S. origin accounted for 32.9% of total Spanish imports, while Algeria ranked second with 23.2%.

As for the mode of import, 100% of the gas from the United States arrived in Spain via methane tankers in the form of liquefied natural gas (LNG). Meanwhile, all that arrived from Algeria was via the Medgaz pipeline. due to the fact that the Maghreb-Europe pipeline remains closed because of tensions between Algeria and Morocco.

The statistics also reveal that in February 2022 Spain imported 2,174 GWh of gas from Russia, a reduction of 17.7% compared a year earlier.

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