Spain has hig­hest pro­por­tion of con­tracts of 6 months or less

Unemployment Drops For The First Time Since February: 89,849 People Find A Job In July

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POSTED BY: THE CORNER 4TH AUGUST 2020.- In a month marked by the end of the con­fi­ne­ment and the state of alarm, the number of unem­ployed fell in July by 89,849 com­pared to June, the first de­cline since the be­gin­ning of the pan­demic and the lar­gest since 1997 for that mont. Furthermore, the ave­rage of Social Security af­fi­lia­tion stood at 18,785,554, which is 161,217 more than in June, the lar­gest monthly in­crease since 2005 and the third con­se­cu­tive month of re­co­very from the co­ro­na­virus im­pact.

In July, 712,000 people were removed from temporary layoffs leaving a total of 1.11 million workers with their contracts totally or partially suspended. An average of 23,000 workers per day have left this situation in , which means that two out of three affected by ERTEs have already returned to activity.

The Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration reported on Tuesday that of the total number of workers affected by an ERTE in July, 932,609 were due to force majeure and 185,933 to other causes.

Finally, analysing the data between 12 March and 30 April, it can be seen that 947,896 jobs were destroyed, most of them temporary. Of these, a total of 277,485 jobs have already been recovered between 1 May and the last day of July. Therefore, 670,411 jobs that have disappeared since the beginning of the pandemic have yet to be recovered.

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