Many of the res­pon­dents feel less op­ti­mistic

Sustainable Investment Amounts To 285,454 Million Euros In Spain

Green light.
Green light.

Fernando Rodriguez | Sustainable in­vest­ment in Spain amounted to 285,454 mi­llion euros in 2019, up 36% on the pre­vious year, ac­cor­ding to ‘Spainsif 2020 Study: Sustainable and Responsible Investment in Spain’. The study was pre­pared with the ans­wers to a ques­tion­naire pro­vided by 76% of Spanish in­vest­ment com­pa­nies and 43% of in­ter­na­tional ones ope­ra­ting in Spain. 72.8% of the total fi­gure – €207,571 mi­llion- is ma­naged by Spanish com­pa­nies, up 9% on the pre­vious year.

The Study points out that 19% of this type of assets are in the hands of retail investment – a ratio that “is still below that found in other markets in Europe” – and that occupational pension plans are the investment vehicles through which most of the sustainable investment in Spain is managed – 73.83% of assets under management.

Looking ahead, the study points out that “there is general agreement that the EU’s regulatory framework for sustainable investment will be a key factor in the development of the SRI market over the next three years, together with the boost provided by the demand for this type of assets from institutional investors.” In a similar vein, according to the respondents to the questionnaire, the Taxonomy being developed by the EU is “a key tool, as is the integration of sustainability into risk analysis.”

Many of the respondents feel less optimistic than in previous editions of the Study about the evolution of the SRI market “due to the situation caused by COVID-19, despite the good performance of ESG products during the crisis when compared to the performance of traditional products, and the NextGenerationEU initiative – recovery plan for Europe- which will promote ESG investment in line with ecological transition, decarbonisation and digitalisation, as described in the European Green Deal.”

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